Daftar Harga Mesin Laundry Hotel

Mesin Laundry Hotelhotel, mesin laundry Daftar Harga Mesin Laundry Hotel

Daftar Harga Mesin Laundry Hotel, terdiri dari mesin cuci, mesin pengering, mesin setrika roll/flatwork ironer/mangler ,Paket laundry, peralatan, detergent/sabun,penghilang noda dan chemical lainnya, rincian spek mesin atau list item yang terdapat dalam paket bisa kami kirim via email. daftar harga mesin laundry hotel terbaru bisa anda check juga : mesin cuci hotel

Daftar Harga Mesin Laundry Hotel

berikut adalah spek dari daftar harga mesin laundry hotel


1. Automatic and programmable controlling system with touch screen , which has character of reliable , high degree of automation
and good shock resistance.
2. Adopted to the most advanced international suspension structure(full suspension shock absorb) to absorb vibration , improved the
vibration absorbing structure from hard impact into hydraulic damper spring compression, that the machine will get no vibration
even in the building of skyscraper,
3. Drum is made of stainless steel , corrosion resistance and durable,
4. All closed , front loading and unloading / water inlet and outlet at the back of machine .
5. Using high precision converter motor and famous brand frequency inverter the machine running smooth and reliable,

Model CodeXGQ-30FXGQ-50FXGQ-70FXGQ-100FXGQ-150F
Drum sizemmΦ900~480Φ1070×620Φ1200×650Φ1200×850ƒ³1500~850
Dewatering speedrpm40/75038/70035/70032/68030/620
Rated voltagev/p/Hz380380380380380
Motor powerkw45-May7-May7-May15
Electric heating powerkw2436
The inverter type5.5KW7.5KW11KW11KW18KW
Water inletinch1.h1½”1½”1½”2h
Steam inletinch1h1”1”1”1h
Soap inletinch3/4h3/4”3/4”3/4”3/4h
Steam pressurempa0.3-0.50.3-0.50.3-0.50.3-0.50.3-0.5
Air pressurempa0.45-0.60.45-0.60.45-0.60.45-0.60.45-0.6
External dimension(mm)L130001550170017001950
Machine Weightkg150002500280030005000

Daftar harga mesin laundyr hotel untuk kategori mesin pengering :

daftar harga mesin laundry hotel

1. Newly developed energy saving industrial dryers.Easy to operate, wide drying applications.Special features include.
2. High heating efficiency, convenient to use, suitable for LPG or LNG. Low energy consumption, fast heat exchange and efficient heat energy application.
3. Drum with well spread large punched holes which ensure sufficient hot airflow so that clothing is evenly dried.
4. Big loading/unloading door design to allow easy loading/unloading. Door rim is being designed so that clothing can be uploading from drum with ease.
Equipped with safety door lock to prevent drum from rotating when loading door being opened.
5. “Pull out”type of filter system which allow easy cleaning. It has powerful suction fan with large blade to facilitate good air flow and preventing ducting
get stuck with dust and dirt.
6. V-belt driven with speed reduction. Low noise level,low vibration,durable and easy to maintain.
7. Micro-processor control system allows drying time and temperature setting using soft-touch key pad.The controller is well fitted to give good physical
8. This equipment is suitable for high speed drying of different kinds of knit wears and garments. Alternate choice for those launderettes where steam supply
is not available.It also satisfies the requirement of those garment manufacturers who need efficient and fast drying for their per-wash manufactured



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Daftar Harga Mesin Laundry Hotel

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