Harga Mesin Cuci Bukaan Depan Berbagai Kapasitas

Harga Mesin Cuci Bukaan Depan Kapasitas 10 kg, 15 kg, 18 kg,20 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg, 50 kg,& 100 kg ada yang kisaran harga mesin cuci bukaan depan dibawah 12 juta untuk kapasitas kecil dan untuk kapasitas harga mesin cuci bukaan depan kapasitas besar kisaran puluhan juta dan Ratusan Juta rupiah, tentunya harga bukan menjadi alasan akan tetapi dari segi kapasitas dan fungsi dari mesin itu sendiri, berikut saya akan berikan beberapa merk yang memang direkomendasikan untuk harga mesin cuci bukaan depan untuk industri laundry .

  1. Merk Domus ,Harga mesin cuci bukaan depan pada merk ini dibilang cukup tinggi namun mesin ini sangat sesuai dengan kebutuhan untuk konsep laundry wetcleaning system ( konsep pengganti dry cleaning system)

Harga Mesin Cuci Bukaan Depan

Feature :

• Medium spin rigid-mounted washer extractor.
• It is important to fix the machine to the floor (anchoring base included).
• G Force 200.
• Body, drum and tub in stainless steel.
• Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments.
• 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay.
• 3 water inlets.
• These machines have electronic control of imbalance with frequency inverter, that detects the unbalanced load before spinning. Standard frequency: 50 – 60 Hz.
• New microprocessor TOUCH with touch screen. 26 preset programs.
• Possibility of programming, exporting and importing programs without limit, software updates, through USB port, using USB drive.
• Traceability standard: All washing process (temperatures, water levels) is stored in the washer and can be extracted to a PC by means of a USB drive.
• RS-485 serial communication port for monitoring / remote management.
• Wet Cleaning standard in the microprocessor: fully adjustable water levels and washing speed for delicate.
• Optimal loading standard to optimize water and chemicals consumptions.
• LOADING AID feature with water and rotation control for easy loading of the linen.
• Self-service version available by installing a central pay or coin meter on the standard model.
• CE, WRAS and GOST approved product. Optional version for ETL certified product.


• Double drain kit, allow the recovery of the water, with important water savings. Model DMS-18.
• Drain pump kit for models DMS-11 and DMS-14.
• Relay card with 6 extra dosing signals: total of 14 signals in the machine.
• Steam kit to transform an electric or hot water heated machine into steam version.
• Self-Service Kits: Coiner and box; Central pay; Delayed opening door option in case of power outage.
• Ship voltage for electric models: 440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral or 480V III 50/60 Hz No neutral.

Load capacity 1:9Kg1420
Load capacity 1:10Kg1318
Washing speedr.p.m.5050
Spining speedr.p.m.760720
G Factor200200
Maximum force transmittedKN2,25 ±0,62,46 ±0,9
Frequency-dynamic forceHz12,6612
Self-service versionYesYes
Double drainNoOpt
Height center door / Height doormm570/310655/395
Heating (Electric model)kW912
Max. power (Electric model)kW9,512,75
Max. power (Steam and Hot Water)kW1.52.2
Tension 230V- I + N + TN° x mm2 / A2 X 10 / 50A2 X 1,5 / 10A2 X 16 / 63A2 X 1,5 / 10A
Tension 230V- Ill + TN° x mm2 / A3 X 4 / 25A –3 X 6 / 40A –
Tension 400V- Ill + N + TN° x mm2 / A4 X 1,5 / 16A –4 X 2,5 / 20A –
Steam inlet (Steam mod.)inch1/2″1/2″
Maximum steam consumption (Steam mod.)Kg/h8,512
Water inletinch3/4″3/4″
Water main pressureKgs/cm22-42-4
Maximum water consumption*Lit/h79,4118,7
Drainage capacityLit/min200200
Net weightkg239281
Gross weightkg247301


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2. Merk Durablelux ,Harga mesin cuci bukaan depan pada merk ini dibilang cukup tinggi namun mesin ini sangat sesuai dengan kebutuhan untuk laundry hotel atau rumah sakit.

harga mesin cuci bukaan depan

1. Touch Screen Control (for Alt Language Consult Factory), 10 Preset Factory programs, 30 programmable cycles
2. PC programmable. Programs can be transferred with Memory Cards
3. 350G Extract Force (SP 40/ 60/ 100) 320G Extract Force (SP 130/155/185)
4. Built-in Unballance Detection System
5. One Compartment Supply Dispenser
6. 5+1 Connections & Flush for Central Liquid Chemical Supply
7. 8 Signals for Central Liquid Chemical Supply. Expandable to 10
8. All parts in contact with wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
9. Metallic Anthracite Grey Full Cabinet Panel (Front, Sides and Top)
10. Powder Coated (EG) Rear Lower Panels
11. Hot / Cold Water Connection
12. Prepared for Direct Steam Connection
13. Single Rear Drain Connection 2″ SP40, 3″ SP60, SP100
14. Single Rear Pneumatic Drain Connection 4″ SP130, 155, 185
15. Prepared for Second Drain connection
16. Vapor Barrier for Straight Down Drain
17. Single Motor, Inverter Driven – Programmable Variable Speed
18. Robust Spring Suspension with Shock Absorbers
19. Cool Down
20. Programmable Variable Speed
21. Programmable Water Levels
22. Programmable Water Temperature
23. Built-in Vacuum breaker SP 40 – 155
24. Electrical System Standard 380-415V/50Hz/3Ph, 208-240V/60Hz/3Ph, 440-460V/60Hz/3Ph
25. 5 degree lean back for strength and easier loading

Options :

1. Direct Steam Heating
2. Electrical Heating
3. 5 Compartment Dispenser
4. Water Reuse Drain and Inlet
5. EMI Filter CE
6. PC Programming Kit
7. 10 External Liquid Supply Connections
8. Stainless Steel Full Front Cabinet Panel
9. Stainless Steel Sides & Top Panels
10. 2nd Drain for Water Recycle/Reuse SP40-100
11. 2nd Drain for Water Recycle/Reuse 4″ Pneumatic
12. SP 130-185
13. 3rd Water Inlet Connection & Valve for Recycle/Reuse
14. Extra Inlet Connection without Valve
15. Wet Cleaning Application
16. Combination Tank Steam/ Electric
17. Combination Tank Electric/ Steam
18. Conversion Kit to Steam
19. Conversion Kit to Electric
20. Special Voltages
21. EMI Filter (Low Voltage)
22. Over Sized terminal Block for Main Power Connection
23. Buzzer for End Program Warning
24. Ph Testing Point (Front to Rear)
25. Phase Protection Unit
26. Pneumatic Water Valves per pair
27. Pneumatic Steam Valve
28. For Ozone Application
29. Viton Seal
30. Stainless Steel Valve
31. Export Crating

Units of MeasurementMatricUS
Maximum Capacitykg.lbs.18.7(40)22.6(50)27.4(65)
Overall Dimensions :
A – Machine Widthmm.inch923 (36.3″)923 (36.3″)1003(39.5″)
B – Machine Depthmm.inch1094 (43.1”)1154 (45.4)1231 (48.5”)
C – Machine Heightmm.inch1460 (57.5”)1460 (57.5”)1610 (63.4”)
Cylinder Information :
Basket Diametermm.inch680 (26.8”)680 (26.8”)790 (31.1”)
Basket Depthmm.inch525 (20.7”)575 (22.6”)595 (23.4”)
Basket Volumecu.m.cu.ft.0.18 (6.29)0.21 (7.4)0.27 (9.7)
Door Opening and Height :
Door Opening Diametermm.inch365 (14.4”)365 (14.4”)450 (17.7”)
Height of Door Bottom Above Floormm.inch590 (23.2”)675 (26.6”)680 (26.8”)
Drive Information :
Number of MotorsNumber111
Size of MotorkWHP2.2 (3)2.2 (3)3.7 (5)
Cylinder Speeds (Programmable):
WashRPMG-Force46 (0.8)46 (0.8)42 (0.8)
DistributionRPMG-Force73 (2)73 (2)67 (2)
Extract 1RPMG-Force363 (50)363 (50)336 (50)
Extract 2RPMG-Force960 (350)940 (336)890 (350)
Water Inlets and Consumption :
Hot Water SizeNPT3/4”3/4”3/4”
Cold Water Size3/4”3/4”3/4”
Additional Water Inlet3/4”3/4”3/4”
Average Hot Water Consumption / Cyclelitersgal23 (6)24 (6)45 (12)
Average Cold Water Consumption / Cyclelitersgal69 (18)75 (20)102 (27)
Drain Outlets and Capacity:
Number of DrainsStandardOptional1 (2)1 (2)1 (2)
Drain Sizemm.inch50.8 (2”)50.8 (2”)76.2 (3”)
Drain Capacityliters/mingal/min739 (195)739 (209)793 (209)
Steam Inlet and Consumption:
Steam Inlet ConnectionNPT1/2”1/2”1/ 2”
Steam Pressurebarpsi8 (125)8 (125)8 (125)
Steam Consumptionkg/hrlg/hr63 (139)79 (174)94 (206)
Compressed Air System:
Air Inlet ConnectionNPTN/AN/AN/A
Air PressurebarpsiN/AN/AN/A
Power of Electrical Heating:
Electrical PowerkW121224
Weight and Shipping Information:
Net Weight (approx.)kg.lbs.541 (1192.7)569 (1254.4)607 (1338.2)
Domestic Shipping Weight (approx.)kg.lbs.564 (1243.4)592 (1305.1)633 (1395.5)

3. Merk Pharos ,Harga mesin cuci bukaan depan pada merk ini dibilang cukup tinggi namun mesin ini sangat sesuai dengan kebutuhan untuk laundry hotel atau rumah sakit.

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Steam –
Electric heatingKw/h1010


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