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mesin cuci kapasitas kecil

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mesin cuci kapasitas kecil

Maytag brand offers a complete line of high-efficiency commercial laundry appliancesfrom energy-efficient dryers to highly efficient ENERGY STAR-qualified washersto help you save money and build profits.

High efficiency wash technology uses less water than traditional washers along with a concentrated wash action to help conserve resources and improve results.
Water Efficiency:

The washer tub doesn’t need to be completely filled with water like traditional agitators.
High Efficiency washers use between 45 and 65 litres of water while traditional washers use 170 litres.
Saves money on utility bills.

Concentrated Cleaning:

Recommended use of HE front load washer detergent.
High Efficiency washers don’t dilute detergent like traditional washers, agi-peller movement with low water creates high concentration of detergent.

Load-Sensing Technology:

Automatic load sensing technology measures the load to decide how much water is needed to clean.
No matter the load size, the optimal amount of water is used.

Kapasitas 10Kg


-Load Washer
Tub Opening and Lid Allow For Easy Loading
-to-Use Controls Allow for Personalized Cleaning Settings
Suspension System Allows for Smooth Operation
Access Allows for Easy Use
Energy-Efficient Maytag Model
7.Reduction of Water Usage via Sensor Fill Technology
-Quality Porcelain-Enamel Top For Longevity

1. Motor = Single-phase, reversible, thermoprotected, high torqu
2. Capacity (Kg) = 10
3. Cylinder diameterin. (mm) = 20.8 (528)
4. Cylinder depthin. (mm) = 23.8 (605)
5. Average hot water usage, hot water cycle = 6.1 (22.9)*
6. Average hot water usage, warm water cycle = No
7. Average total water usage per cycle = 19.9 (75)*
8. Domestic modelvoltage/Hz = 120/60
9. Export modelvoltage/Hz = 220-240/50
10. Domestic modelamps = 15
11. Export modelamps = 10
12. Exact Speed Maximum RPM = 700
13. Exact Speed Maximum G-Force = 144
14. Operating Pressure Psi (bar) = 20100 (18) 20-100 (1-8)
15. Inlet Hose Length Ft. (m) = 6 (1.8)
16. Drain Hose Length Ft. (m) = 4.2 (1.3)
17. Approximate Weight Cratedlbs. (kg) = 137 (63)
18. Approximate Weight Uncratedlbs. (kg) = 122 122 (55)
19. Unit Dimension = 40.8H x 27W x 25.9D
20. Unit Weight (Kg) = 122
21. Shipping Weight (Kg) = 63

Informasi Tambahan

Berat122 kg
Dimensi40,8 × 27 × 25,9 cm


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